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  • Snowboarder Towed By Flying Drone

    Engineers in Riga, Latvia have designed a drone strong enough to pull a person. This field test of the Aerones is also the invention of a new sport, “droneboarding”. The quadcopter has a lifting force of 37 kilograms, which is more than enough tow a snowboarder, skateboarder, longboarder, skier, or any other athlete. The manufacturer, […]

  • Canadian National Snowboarding Team Training

    The Canadian national snowboarding slopestyle team went off on the Whistler Blackcomb park a couple of weeks ago during National Team Jump Camp. Check out the highlight reel of their crew getting ready for the contest circuit.

  • Yawgoons 16 – Rhode Islands Snowboard Team

    Yawgoo Valley, with an elevation of 310 feet at its peak, is the only ski and snowboard resort in the state of Rhode Island. The Yawgoons, a group of five snowboarders who all grew up less than 10 miles from the hill, claim Yawgoo Valley as their home mountain with as much pride as those […]

  • Ski Fenway Park Big Air With Tom Wallisch And Jesper Tj√§der

    The US Ski and Snowboard Association is making history in Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, as the best freestyle park skiers in the world are throwing down in the first ever USSA Big Air Fenway competition for a $75,000 prize.. Take a first look at this 140 foot Big Air jump with […]

  • Croatia Carnival Snowboard Session 2016

    The weather didn’t cooperate, but the good people of Rijeka, Croatia put on their beachside snowboard jib event for the eighth year in a row anyway. Dozens of riders competed in the rain for what has become an iconic grassroots street event right beside the Adriatic sea.

  • Skier Chased By Endangered Snow Leopard

    Australian Owen Lansbury was skiing with his friends at Gulmarg Ski Resort in India when he thought he saw something moving in the snow. To his surprise it was an endangered snow leopard! What an amazing and lucky video! According to Wikipedia, snow leopards inhabit alpine and subalpine zones at elevations from 9800 to 14800 […]

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