Skier Caught In Avalanche At Mammoth Mountain

Standing above the cornice on Philipps, (at the far side of Paranoids inbounds at Mammoth Mountain) Tyler Karow’s plan was to ski down to the low part of the ridge, air into the chute perpendicular to the cornice and make two turns before riding through a 3 foot wide choke. At the start of his line, he could feel some instability and mistakenly dropped in parallel to the cornice. At that moment, the snow slid and he was immediately swept downhill. After a couple tumbles, he was able to stabilize himself on top and luckily went thought the choke point unharmed. Swimming to keep himself on top of the slide, he found himself stopped and only partially buried at a safe point about 300 feet down from the top of the chute. “I was incredibly lucky to be unharmed and able to ride out the rest of my line!”