Lake Tahoe Just Got An Epic Snow Dump

The last two weeks have been amazing for North American ski resorts! Jackson Hole has seen 280 inches of snowfall this weekend, and one of our favorites, Mt Bachelor in Oregon has measured at least 260 inches.

2017 started off with a bang for the Lake Tahoe area though, especially north of the lake, after a 6 foot snowstorm blew through the region. Here is how the resorts are looking:


72 Hour Snowfall: 79"

Homewood Mountain Resort has measured a staggering 79 inches of new snow in the last 72 hours, with two feet of that falling last night. Nice and close to Reno airport, we can’t complain.

Homewood January 5, 2017

Squaw Valley – Alpine Meadows

72 Hour Snowfall: 83"

Squaw Valley – Alpine Meadows got an 83 inch dump this week, bringing their upper base up to 117 inches (on January 5th, what?)! Over 30 inches of that came in the last 24 hours so it is going to be a sweet day.

Squaw Valley - Alpine Meadows January 5, 2017

Diamond Peak

72 Hour Snowfall: 74"

Diamond Peak is a smaller, family and budget friendly resort in Incline Village, Nevada, but their January snowfall is as impressive as the big boys at 74 inches! They got well over 3 feet in the last day.

Diamond Peak Ski Resort - January 5, 2017


72 Hour Snowfall: 74"

Northstar California is looking strong with 74 inches dumped in the last 3 days, including 29 inches of that since yesterday.

Northstar California - January 5, 2017


72 Hour Snowfall: 64"

The first south, Kirkwood Mountain has gotten 22 inches in the last 24 hours, to top off 5 feet fallen during the storm. Get those first tracks!

Kirkwood - January 5, 2017


72 Hour Snowfall: 64"

Heavenly Mountain Resort is laughing with 64 inches of fresh in the last 3 days. They got 30 inches overnight between mountain closing and opening, get in there early!

Heavenly - January 5, 2017

Sierra at Tahoe

72 Hour Snowfall: 62"

Sierra-at-Tahoe is looking strong with 62 inches from the storm and a foot of that overnight.

Sierra at Tahoe - January 5, 2017

Getting There

Highway Patrol will be checking for snow tires and chains (and you wouldn’t want to travel without them anyway!). Renoe-Tahoe International Airport is reporting no delays!